Home Page of the Dieckmann Group

Address of the Dieckmann Group:

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Bard Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-1501

The Group Leader

a short biography of the group’s leader, Rüdiger Dieckmann, including information on publications, theses, etc.

The Group’s Research Interests

a brief summary of the current research interests of the Dieckmann Group

The Group Members

lists of current and former group members with E-mail addresses

Special Technical Capabilities

a brief description of special technical capabilities of the Dieckmann Group

Some Recent Research Results of the Group

some recent research results (abstracts, figures, etc.)


a complete list of publications of the Dieckmann group 

Opportunities in the Group

Due to the recent retirement of the group leader such opportunities do not exist anymore. The labs of the Dieckmann Group are no longer operational. Therefore, please do not send any E-mail inquiries about any positions.

Equipment for Sale

None. - The image furnace used by our group for growing oxide single crystals with high melting temperatures had not been used since early 2012 and was sold in April 2014 to another university. For some details see http://dieckmann.mse.cornell.edu/image_furnace_for_sale.htm. Some information on earlier use of this instrument is available at http://dieckmann.mse.cornell.edu/crystal.html.

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